Hey! I’m Mandy

This was my journey…

step 1
2014 – Had enough of being bullied, judged, and made to feel worthless. Decided to quit my job, to begin living!

step 2
Stepped into a new world of online business. Fantasized about realizing my childhood dream of becoming an author and writer, with much criticism and doubt from those close to me.

step 3

Started a home school business to support myself financially. Then started a blog to sharpen and develop my writing skills. Though I felt like my life was close to perfect, I still dreamed of having more.

step 4
Began editing books so I could have more time to write. But I still felt like that wasn’t enough, so I began writing fiction, and then non-fiction. Although it did require me to challenge and stretch myself mentally and emotionally, this stepping stone toward greater self-expression and creativity gave me great joy.

step 5
My first book felt like a mountain of effort. In fact, I thought of quitting. I thought that perhaps writing books wasn’t for me…

step 6
But, I knew that book writing could feel easier, more fun, and much less stressful. I wrote a collaborative book and started to create a system to write books. After making even more changes to my process (removing some supposed ‘must do’s’) I finally found my flow, and started to develop my signature book writing system.

step 7
To process and overcome the trauma I had been through, I also started journaling. This helped me process and heal from the abuse and mental turmoil I’d experienced, in a healthy and emotionally supportive way, instead of harming myself through cutting. I shared my story sharing process in a book and outlined my own life journey.

step 8
After taking over a year off, I came back and finished my life story. I saw how my outline supported and aided that writing experience after a long break. I grew and refined the process more when I worked 6 days a week and 12 hours a day and still wrote 2 books.

step 9

I discovered my gift for coaching others on their own book writing journeys, and felt the deep joy of helping them overcome their past pain and emotional barriers. I am now a passionate and dedicated coach and mentor for female business owners, to help them share about their past experiences, so they can impact others through a growing business as well as through their book. I work with women to help them outline their book and create a process for writing their book that fills them with ease and confidence!

Read testimonials and get your hands on the Outline to Strategy program guide below. I look forward to supporting you.

I've created a system that allows book writing to be
healing, fun, and joyful...
A fulfilling experience I hope you will join me in!

Mandy Halgreen

Book Writing Coach

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