Share your story.
Overcome your past.
Experience a more fulfilling life.

Allow book writing to be healing, fun, and joyful.

Do you relate to any of these statements:

Secretly wishing for more?

Tired of staying stuck in your past?

Done with letting your past dictate your life?

Feeling a push to grow?

Aching for something deeper?

Yearning for connection and empowerment?

I was once there too.

I was broken and defeated and purposely put myself in that situation for years after my trauma to stay safe and in the manipulation holding pattern. Even when I started to work with my coach, I was afraid to change and express my deepest desires.

It took me 2 years to grow and find my heart again under years of pain and walls that I thought would be impossible to shift. But I eventually started to heal, listen and grow in ways I could never have imagined!

Are you ready to change lives with your message?

* You have a proven sales process
* You have a clear vision
* You have a message you would love to share

If you said YES to these statements, then read on.

Writing 2 Heal is the first step to living on your own terms!

"Thank you for showing me what was missing in my life and how I was hiding my true feelings. I know I need to step up and I now have the confidence to make decisions that will benefit me and change my business for [the] better! "​

"I had no idea how far I had gone in sacrificing my marriage until I did this program. I saw how far I had let things go and how I was living a life I hated."

"Mandy, your questions are insightful and your knowledge in this area is staggering. Thank you for challenging me and helping me change my life!"​

In this evergreen online course you get:


Rate your level of confidence around your purpose, passion, and message, to assess which part you should work on first.


3 Audio lessons to guide you through the and of journaling workbook.


3 Workbooks filled with journal prompts to help you explore and develop the three parts of your healing journey.

Lifetime Access

Access to the program so you can watch, listen and redo the work at any time!


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Book Writing Coach

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